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Seeking the Flying Sword Path Chapter 1

Jiangzhou State, one of the nineteen states in the world. It’s quite close to the East Sea with many lakes within the state.

In the Jiangzhou State, Guangling City.

The Jinglou Street on the west side of Guangling City was packed with people and bustling with activity.

“It’s been six years.” A plain cotton clothed young man with a sword at his waist was leading a horse along the street. “I’m finally back. After being out for so long, I still feel that home is the best.”

Tack! Tack! Tack!

The sound of quick hooves rang. A colorful clothed young man was quickly approaching atop a large horse that was in a full run despite the crowded street. With as much agility as they could muster, the people in the street avoided this horse. Chasing this young man were quite a few servants and guards who urged, “Young master, slow down. Slow down!”

When the plain cotton clothed young man saw this, he lead his horse to the side and watched as the colorful clothed young man rode past.

“Whose brat is that? Oh, that’s right, I’ve left for six years. Six years ago, that kid was only seven or eight.” The plain clothed young man smiled before continuing forward.

In his familiar hometown, he even found a couple of shops that he remembered.

“It’s been a whole six years. When I left, I was only fifteen. It’s been quite a while and I’ve changed a lot,” the plain clothed young man lamented.

When he was fifteen, he met with success at every turn and full of spirit!

He was crowned as the top of Guangling City’s younger generation.

However, when he left his home and wandered for six years, he realized how childish he used to be.

As he walked along, he saw familiar shops, restaurant, rivers and bridges.

Finally, he led his horse to a manor.

Fear started to creep up in him as he led his horse. With a deep breath, he walked forward and knocked on the door.


A crack opened in the door as an old man poked his head out. Immediately afterwards, his eyes opened wide, “Second young master!” The young man before him was wearing plain clothing and didn’t look anything out of the ordinary. However, the old man had seen the second young master, Qin Yun, grow up. He could recognize his second young master with a glance!

“Uncle Li!” Qin Yun smiled back.

“Second young master is back, second young master is back!” Old Li yelled out. His voice carried over the entire manor as he tugged away at manor’s door.

“Give this to me. I’ll lead the horse.” Old Li took the reins for the horse.

“Yun Er, Yun Er!” The entire manor was in an upheaval as a middle-aged woman came running out. Behind her were quite a few female maids that quickly followed her. After seeing Qin Yun at the door, the middle-aged woman broke out in tears of excitement.


Qin Yun’s eyes watered as he also ran over.

The middle aged woman carefully looked at her son, touching his elbows, his face as she said, “Great, great. It’s great that you came back. Huh, you’ve grown taller.”

“Second young master, the lady has shed many tears for you. Every day, she prays for you before the Buddhas,” the female butler quickly spoke up.

“I have not been a great son, returning only now.” Qin Yun was also looking at his mother and saw that not only did she have more white hair, there were also more creases at the edges of her eyes. With a pain in his heart, he realized that unknowingly, his mother was already almost fifty.

“Don’t say that. As long as you are back.” Although his mother’s eyes were full of tears, they were tears of joy. She quickly commanded, “Quick, go and tell master as well as first young master. ”


The female butler quickly left.

The whole Qin Manor was in celebration and the head of Qin Manor, Qin Liehu, also came back.


“Master.” The servants and maids in the manor all respectfully bowed. However, between their eyes were excitement. The servants were also extremely happy that the second young master had returned.

The single armed man nodded. His eyes were like lightning and there was a single blade at his waist. The pressuring presence that he emitted made the servants and maids respectful to him. He was the owner of the Qin Manor, Qin Liehu, also one of the three silver badge constables in the Guangling city.

“Father.” Qin Yun and his mother, Changlan, both came out to welcome him.

“Yun Er.” When the single armed man, Qin Liehu, saw his son, his eyes warmed and moistened.

When the son leaves to explore the world, the mother shows concern. Although Qin Liehu didn’t say anything, he was still constantly worried. Although he knew that for his son’s future, he needed to let Qin Yun go out and explore the world, he thought about Qin Yun a lot.

He was afraid that his son would never return.

This world was tall and wide, with countless tall mountains and deep valleys that were full of monsters. Exploring the world was not an easy task.

“It’s great that you’re back. Great.” Qin Liehu looked at his son who was obviously much more mature than he was before.

“Have you broken through?” Qin Liehu suddenly asked. He knew that his son was cultivating an immortal cultivation method and to receive progress was incredibly difficult.

“Two and a half years ago,” Qin Yun smiled.

Qin Liehu’s eyes lit up. Breaking through meant the difference between a fish and a dragon.

“Good, good, good. I have an incredible son.” Qin Liehu was extremely excited; this matter was so serious that he hadn’t even discussed it with his wife.

“Can you two go inside before talking?” Changlan said.

“Let’s go in first, take some seats.” Qin Liehu quickly said.

After accompanying mother and father for a while, there was a new noise from outside.

“Second brother, second brother, second brother!” A call came from far away, full of excitement.

“Brother.” Qin Yun rose up, “Father, mother, I’ll go welcome him.”

“Go ahead, you and your brother haven’t seen each other in six years,” Changlan smiled.

Qin Yun quickly walked out of the hall and quickly saw a large family walking over. A colorful clothed young man with his wife and two kids, one male and the other female, were walking over.

“Second brother.” When the colorful clothed young man saw Qin Yun, he excited ran over and hugged him.

“Brother,” Qin Yun was also hugging his brother back.”

His relationship with his brother was very good. When the Qin family was still quite small, they both grew up in the village and went through many hardships. Qin Yun was still young then but his brother was already a teenager and would take care of Qin Yun.

“You brat, leaving for six years! Before you left, didn’t you say that you would only be gone for three years? And then you sent another letter saying that you would leave for another three years,” the colorful young man could not help but say. “Three years after three years, you really, you made the whole family worried.”

“It’s all my fault,” Qin Yun quickly said. “Hi sister! Brother, are these two little fellows the “Shuyan” and “Shubing” that you mentioned in the letter? Nephew, niece, they both are so cute and handsome.” As Qin Yun talked, he also bent down and pinched the faces of the two kids, causing the kids to hug onto their parents’ legs in fear.

“Greet your uncle. Don’t be afraid, what is there to be afraid of? This is your uncle, greet him,” the colorful robed young man said.


The two kids were around three to four and still followed every command.

“Haha, I have these two Protection Charms. You can wear it around, take them.” Qin Yun had prepared for this moment long ago and took out two colorful pouches. He then took out two pieces of jade talisman. The jade talismans were completely white and had intricate carvings on them. Looking at them for a while gave people a soothing feeling.

The colorful clothed young man, Qin An, had seen a lot of things and knew that these two jade talismans were not normal. “Second brother, that’s too much.”

“Wear it around, it’s good for kids,” Qin Yun said.

At noon, the whole family was together and eating an extravagant lunch. The maids happily brought up plate after plate of food; the Qin family treated its servants and maids very well.

Qin Yun happily enjoyed the lunch with his parents and brother. This happy familial atmosphere was intoxicating.

“Sir, sir!”

After lunch, a constable came to the manor and yelled out.

Everyone in the hall heard this.

“Today’s Yun Er’s return, can’t you take a break for a day or two?” Changlan was not too happy about this.

“I’ll go and ask.” Qin Liehu stood up and walked outside.

The constable outside was almost eight feet tall. He had a thick and powerful waist and held an thick steel staff. At a glance, the staff was at least over a hundred pounds. Just waving it around could allow it to easily shatter a wall. However, this constable was patiently waiting outside.

“Old Xu, what happened?” Qin Liehu walked up close before asking in a hushed tone. He had given his word earlier in the day saying to not disturb him unless there was a big matter. After all, this was his son who had left his home for six years coming back.

“Sir, I didn’t want to come and disturb you either. However, city governor personally commanded that you come. There’s something important and you probably won’t be back for the next one or two days.” Constable Xu shook his head as he quickly said.

“City governor? One to two days?” Qin Liehu furrowed his brows.

The city governor had the whole Guangling military and official powers. Because there were demons and monsters wreaking havoc, he had the power to execute any official under the seventh level before reporting it. Thus, no one within the Guangling city dared to try the city governor’s power.

Qin Liehu returned to the hall.

“The city governor has asked for me. I probably won’t be back for the next two days.” Qin Liehu put on his coat and placed the blade at his waist.

“Be careful.” Changlan quickly said.

“I’ll send you, father.” Qin Yun quickly stood up.

“Send me? Go and be with your mother and them.” Qin Liehu said to his son as Qin Yun accompanied him.

“Second young master, it’s been six years since we last saw each other. Quite a while,” Constable Xu smiled as he said.

“Uncle Xu, your poker is bigger by another round. Looks like you’ve gained a lot of strength,” said Qin Yun.

“It’s nothing, nothing at all,” Constable Xu said.

Towards Qin Yun who was crowned the top of the younger generation in Guangling City when he was only fifteen, Constable Xu was quite humble.

“Father, since you can’t come back in the next two days, is there anything big? Do you need my help?” Qin Yun asked.

Qin Liehu looked at his son before saying, ” Relax, the strongest force in Guangling City is the government!”

“Yeah.” Qin Yun nodded.

Qin Yun followed his father until the manor door where there were already horses prepared. Qin Liehu and Constable Xu both rode off.

Seeing his father leave, Qin Yun moved the Zhenyuan in his body to cast a spell.

“Spell eye, open!”

Deep in Qin Yun’s eyes, there were spell patterns condensing. On the surface, there was no change at all but Qin Yun’s eyes had changed drastically!

At the moment, it was in the afternoon with the sun hanging high. However, under Qin Yun’s gaze, the sky was full of green wisps. Far away, his father, Qin Liehu, had a couple of strange aura wisps surrounding him. There were pink ones, deep green ones, blood red ones… a total of six different types of wisp. However, each of them were very weak and seemed like they would disappear with him.

“As one of the three silver badge constables, father probably encounters monsters every once in a while. Being slightly polluted with monster aura was completely normal.” Qin Yun relaxed. These monster auras were only hanging onto to his father’s outside and hadn’t infiltrated to within his body. There were no hidden adverse effects.

Qin Yun turned around and walked back within the manor.

Under his spell eye, he saw that humans had their own distinct aura wisp, plants had their distinct ones, everything had their own aura wisp and the strength varied. Nothing was hidden under his spell eye.

For the strength of the life aura, not including himself, his father was definitely at the top! The maids and servants had much weaker aura wisps.

“Yun Er, come over here. Don’t worry about your father, he often needs to stay out.” Changlan within the hall called out.

Qin Yun turned his head and looked at the hall.

Under his spell eye, the aura wisps of each of the people inside the hall appeared.

Mother, sister-in-law and his nephews all had normal aura wisps. However, the wisp around his brother….

“Huh?” Qin Yun was quite surprised.

He saw that his colorful clothed brother had a weak aura wisp and another thick and evil green wisp was deep within Qin An’s body, intertwining with Qin An’s own aura wisp.

“Monster Aura! What a thick monster aura, it’s deep within brother’s body, definitely not the product of one or two acts. My brother’s life aura is extremely weak and soon, his life aura won’t be able to overpower the monster aura and he’ll die of sickness!” Qin Yun’s heart trembled as he was full of anger and killing intent. “Who is the one that is trying to kill my brother?”

Qin Yun’s heart was full of surprise and anger with a hint of fear!

If he had returned just half a year later, he probably would not have seen his brother ever again.