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Perfect World Chapter 1

Prologue – Wilderness

It was deep into night, and it was pitch-black everywhere. Nothing could be seen, however, it was not silent within the mountains. The roar of fierce beasts shook the mountains and rivers, and as countless trees trembled, leaves rustled and randomly fell.

Between the groups of mountains and endless ravines, the fierce beasts ran wild within the flooded wilderness. Ancient remains appeared and disappeared, and various types of terrifying sounds rose up and down in the darkness as they split open the world.

Within the mountain range, a lump of gentle light vaguely appeared as it looked from afar. It flickered like a candle in the endlessly dark curtains of the night within the ten thousand mountains, and it looked as if it was about to be extinguished at any time.

As it gradually neared, one could clearly see that it was a huge half-dead tree. The diameter of the tree trunk was a dozen meters or so, and it was completely burnt black. Other than the main half destroyed tree trunk, there was only a single weak branch left. However, it was still emitting life, and the sparkling and translucent leaf on the branch looked as though it was carved out of green jade, and dots of soft light spread as it enveloped a village.

To be more precise, it was a tree that was struck by lightning. Many years ago, lightning that filled the sky passed by here, and the old and huge cover of the willow tree as well as its flourishing life was destroyed. At that moment, only a nine meter tall tree stump was left on the ground. It was frighteningly thick, and that single willow branch was like a divine chain as it released a green glow. A ring of light engulfed and guarded the entire village, and it caused the entire residential area to be blurry and hazy. As if it was a land full of saints, it was extremely mysterious within the wilderness.

Within the village, all the houses were made out of stone. It was deep into the night, and so the villagers were silent. In that area, it was peaceful and tranquil, as if it was separated from the darkness and howls of beasts outside.


A gust of wind blew past, and a huge black cloud flew by in the skies. It covered the entire black sky, and as it obstructed the tiny bit of light from the stars, the mountain range became even darker.

A tyrannical bird cry rang out from the high skies, piercing through metal and splitting open rocks. It unexpectedly appeared from within the black cloud, and if one looked more carefully, one could see that it was an inconceivably huge bird. It covered the sky and the moon; no one could truly tell how long it was.

It passed over this Stone Village, and it looked downwards. Its two eyes were like two blood-moons, and its cruel atmosphere filled the skies. After staring at the old willow tree for a while, it decided to fly towards the deepest part of the mountain range.

Silence ensued for a long period of time, continuing until past midnight. Suddenly, the ground trembled, and an unclear shadow walked over from the distance; it was as high as the group of mountains!

An indescribable aura was emanated, and the group of mountains and countless ravines were as silent as death. The tyrannical birds and fierce beasts remained hidden, and they did not dare make a single sound.

It came close. It was an organism that had the shape of a human. It walked upright, and it was terrifyingly huge. Its shoulders were comparable to the mountains, and there wasn’t a single hair on its body. Golden-colored scales covered its body, and it was bright and dazzling. Its face was extremely flat, and only a pair of horizontal eyes rested on it. As they opened and closed, it was as if golden-colored lightning streaked past, and it was frightfully sharp. Its entire body’s blood and qi were like an ocean, making it seem like a divine devil!

It walked past that land and shot a glance towards that old willow tree. It stopped for a short while, then as if it was hurrying, it quickly disappeared far away. Many mountains and their peaks violently trembled from the vibrations of its footsteps.

At dawn, a ten-meter long centipede that was as thick as a bucket appeared. It was glittering with a silvery-light as it wiggled and crawled within the mountains. It seemed as though it was casted out of white-silver, and every single section was shiny and fierce. As it scratched past the mountain rocks, it created scraping sounds and caused sparks to fly. In the end, however, it avoided the Stone Village and it did not invade. The area that it went over churned with black mist, and all sorts of beasts stayed away.

A single weak willow branch that emitted a lustrous green glow was lightly swaying in the wind…