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Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Episode 1


 Death had suddenly come to me.
 From an unexpected place and time.

 In front of a large truck.

 Time had moved slowly. Things that I had left undone appeared on my mind one by one and disappears.
 My boss from my previous part-time job, my friend, my university professor. That reminds me, I haven’t submitted my report yet……
 And lastly everyone from the orphanage.
 I don’t think they would end up thanking me for my life insurance.

 I still wanted to live with more thrills in my life if possible.
 When I though so, I heard a voice of a kid laughing, and every bone in my body was broken.

 I was in the forest when I woke up……

 I looked around and towards the sky.
 The moon, which I felt was bigger than the moon that I knew, was shining in the sky.

 The trees that were illuminated by the moonlight were very big. I wonder how many times taller the trees had grown compared to me?

 Was this the afterlife?
 There was a story about a flower garden and the Sanzu River, but I didn’t catch a sight of it.
 This was a shabby afterlife.

 Where the hell am I……?

 Suddenly, I felt something bitter in my mouth.
 It was some grass when I spat it out.

 Why did I eat some grass?
 And then I realized that I was famished.

 Dizziness, fatigue and the general feeling of malaise assailed my whole body.

 If I don’t eat something I will die for sure……

 I must look for something that I can possibly eat.
 Acorn, mushrooms too, anything is okay.
 I need something I’m able to eat.

 Suddenly, a big centipede entered my field of vision.
 Usually, I would scream and run away from that place, but I just stared it for some reason.
 Looking at it carefully, I think I could clearly see it had so much muscles.
 I’m certain the poison was on the mouth, aside from the mouth, will I able to eat it……?

 Can I eat it?

 For the first time, I ate an unappetizing centipede.

 “Come to think of it, will I be okay from the parasites?”
 After the centipede settled in my stomach, I became worried.

 I was a little worried……
 Will I become stupid if I don’t have enough nourishment?
 However, I don’t now how to start a fire. Oh well, might as well eat it raw since I need to survive.
 Since I chewed it well, it’s going to be all right, going to be all right. Probably.

 If my brain worked half as much and hesitated, I might die from starvation.
 I just wished that there wasn’t any parasites present.

 “I’m thirsty……”
 I began to walk to look for water.
 I want to wash out the aftertaste of the centipede in my mouth quickly.

 I felt it was ten minutes of walking when I found a brook.
 The words that came to my mind was to not drink the water, but there’s no way around since I don’t know how to start a fire to boil it.

 “I have returned to the living……”
 Water was important after all.
 Because the water looks clear, I think I’m safe from parasites. Probably.

 I looked at the water surface on the brook.
 My face was illuminated by the moonlight……

 Who was this guy?

 An emaciated gray-haired kid was reflected on the surface of the water.


 Wait, wait, surely the reflection on the water was wrong. Even the reflection of the light may sometimes go wrong.
 I rejected the reality before me because I don’t understand what this means in my mind.

 I touched my cheeks timidly.
 I could see that my cheek bones were visible.
 I was not fat, but I’m not that skinny for my cheek bones to be visible.

 Next, I tried pulling my hair. My hair was gray.
 A typical Japanese should have raven-black hair……

 This was reality.
 In other words, this was that, it’s that famous…

 “It’s reincarnation……”

 I looked up at the night sky.
 The size of the moon that was shining in the sky was twice as big as the moon from Earth.