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Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Zhu Liang Ze, Male, Chinese, born in 1997, personal identification number is XXX……XXX, 21 years old, unmarried, graduated from military-machinery field studies, died due to rescuing a fellow countrymen from drowning. Attained a second-class award, and for his unwavering loyalty.

Ah, that’s right.

I died.

The last moments before I died, is seeing a small girl falling into the sea. Being a role model of a soldier that’s serving the country, I didn’t think and just jumped into the sea. The sea had just been unfrozen from the harsh winter climate, and the waves were unrelenting and cold-chilling. After some struggling, I managed to push the small girl aboard a small boat that had come for rescue when a large wave swept me over. Even though I knew that it was just seawater, what it felt at that point of time was akin to having a gigantic, heavy rock smashing over my face.

Then i lost consciousness, and did not wake up after that.

And so, Zhu Liang Ze, 21 years old, had ended his life like that. Frankly speaking, i had no regrets, and did not feel any ounce of happiness or contentedness. I was born in a family that was heavily involved in the military since generations ago,  they joined beginning from the Red Army, till my current generation. My death will only give my parents a brief period of lamenting, before them probably remarking that I made the entire family legacy proud. Hence, I had no regrets.

Ah, i forgot to mention that i was single.

To me, there was nothing worth living for, for everyday I giddily went for military drills, or classes, or learning or physical training. Maybe, the military school’s life was more suited for people like me who wouldn’t’ do anything without any motivation. In military school, I wasn’t any high-ranked soldier as well, I was just an average-ranked one, if I was placed in front of a teacher, I had to introduce myself for them to know me. Next time after entering society to work, I’ll probably just grub my days off normally in order to get a living, me just being a normal worker with no crimes committed in my name.

However, this incident had caused me to be recognized with a second-class award with a loyalty award to boot, which is enough to let my name be noted into history. Mmh, rather than just living a carefree life, I would die with some bang and noises. Dying like this does not mean that i get to restart my life, rather, what I feel that it is the more of, a once-only glory moment of my entire life.

Perfectly accomplished.

Alright, I’ve thought long enough already. Can I pass on now? My thoughts had went until how i got recognized with the death achievements – but why am I still here? Didn’t i say i had already died?! Why do I still have some form of consciousness around? According to the Principle of Materialism law, it said that once living beings died it will be akin to how a lantern got extinguished with nothing left, so how am I still thinking?

Or maybe we humans really have souls in them, except that these souls cannot tell everyone that they do exist, since human cannot see souls,  so technically souls does not exist? I have no idea what I am right now, I contemplated that I was merely a thought, without any limbs, or body, with nothing at all, except me with the ability to think and not being able to do any moving at all, no hearing, no vision, no smell, no feel of the surroundings.

Seems like I could only think. Don’t tell me that this is what happens after humans die? With nothing left at your disposal except retaining the ability to think, and think indefinitely. Since human bodies will perish eventually, does that mean that I will continue to exist after that? So does that mean that I now, have Zhu Liang Ze’s own thoughts? Or since he is dead, then does these thoughts not belong to him?

Eh? How did i began thinking philosophically?

If I had a mouth, I would want to chuckle bitterly at myself, but the problem lies on me being not be able to do anything at all. Well then, I don’t think I would want to struggle any longer, for as long as I do not think, then does it mean that I do not exist any more? Alright, everyone, thank you for listening to my long period of rambling, I wouldnt’ bother you any further. Goodbye.

“Troy! Troy! Please……Troy……Please wake up……Troy……Please……No……Don’t let Mummy be worried……Please……Quickly wake up……WIthout you, how can Mummy continue to live……Please, please wake up……”


Can this lady please give a deceased person some respect? At the very least, could you not lie on his dead body and cry? Don’t you know that your weight lying on him would cause him to have problems breathing? Do you want him to wake up or for him to continue with his eternal sleep, huh?


Wait, wut?

Why am I still breathing? Breathing huge gasps of air that carry the scent of nature’s grass and flowers, wafting into my nostrils and washing down my throat. Inside my throat, I can taste the strong stench of blood, which sparkled my brain painfully. I can hear raindrops pattering onto the ground, and I can hear someone beside me, a lady, sobbing.

Why can my hands feel warmth? No, I’m not surprised that why my hand is being tightly held, rather, more surprised on how is that possible for me to be able to feel again.

I thought I had died, and dead people doesn’t have the ability to feel. Like just now, unabling to feel, only think – but now, why can I do that? It felt so real too! Didn’t I just died? Why? But I could feel myself as being in a state of living, I can even hear the sound of my heartbeat weakly throbbing.

I coughed severely and spat out a pool of blood, clearing up the sticky residue that was previously stuck in my throat. Cold wet air finally gasped into my lungs, sparkling all my cells in my entire body. I slowly opened my eyes, with a few droplets of rain splattered onto my face. Looking at the grey sky, along with more splattering rainwater, i felt confused and lost.

How did I came back to life?

And where is this?

I died, I’m sure of it, but what is this? Having some form of consciousness after dying had already given me a shock, but this revival now already made me unsure of what to even contemplate of. Thoughts of “what is exactly going on”, “How did these happen”, is clouding my mind right now.

“Troy!! My son! My son! Thank goodness! Thank goodness! Thank goodness, you’re still alive! Oh thank you Goddess Clementina for your blessing……Thank you for protecting my son! Thank you! Thank you!”

I haven’t got my thoughts sorted properly yet, when I was suddenly pulled up, then tightly hugged by someone. I felt my head being squished into two lumps of warmth, which made me choke out the air that I just breathed in moments ago, replaced now with a lingering scent of flowers……what kind of flowery scent is this though, it felt that it was nostalgic somehow……but now is not the time to think about this sort of thing……ughthisladyifyoudon’treleasemerightnowithinkiamgoingtosuffocate!!

When the lady finally let go of her tight embrace of me, she anxiously clutched my face with her hands and I saw: A pair of blue eyes so resemblant of lightning, a face so beautiful that it was akin to being 3D sculptured to perfection now anxiously looking at me. But, why is her ears pointy though? Her slender fingers slided across my face; she tenderly caressed my face and anxiously asked: “How is it my son? You must be in pain! It’s all Mummy’s fault……all Mummy’s fault……Mummy shouldn’t have let you go slay the Earth Dragon……all Mummy’s fault……all Mummy’s fault……my dear son, you’re fine……thank goodness……thank goodness……Mummy will bring you back……Mummy will bring you back……”

Um, who the heck is this lady? Aah, No, Please tell me who I am, alright……I just came back to life and is confused as heck already. Initially I was already being blown by the fact that I am presently here, and now I although what I see compares to what I previously see in my lifetime have no differing dissimilarities, it felt rather foreign to me at the moment.

Especially this lady in front of me right now who called herself “Mummy”……

“What happened? Can you still remember Mummy? It’s me, your mother!” Peharps she noticed the look of bewilderment on my face, for then she clutched my face fiercely and forced me to stare into her eyes, while screaming: “I’m your mother! My son……I’m your mother! Don’t scare Mummy……don’t scare mummy……You’re fine, you’re surely fine!”


My brain suddenly got flooded with memories that doesn’t seemed to be mine, as i looked at the face of the lady in front of me, it felt extremely nature for me to exclaim the term “Mummy”. The lady then sniffled, her mouth pursed up slightly shakily, before displaying a smile of purest beautification and contentedness. She then fiercely grasped me in a bear-hug and wailed loudly on my shoulders.

Confused and muddled, I just stood there with her tightly hugging me, feeling the sensation of her immense breasts which was squashed up to my chest, as well as the warmth and fragrance on her body. It looks like my thinking ought to be changed, for what seemed to be the story-plot line of light novels had certainly happened to me right now. 

Looking at the pointy ears of my mom, I felt that this reincarnation seemed to be extraordinary, I didn’t went to the past nor to the future, but somehow into an alternate world……my mom didn’t seemed to be a human, more like an elf……wait! My mom is an elf! Then does that make me an elf too?!

I quickly raised my hands and touched my ears, Eh? It’s a normal human ear? Ah? Then I’m a human? Then does that mean that this lady had found the wrong person? I am a human! How can an elf like you give birth to a human child? Or was my dad a human? Then I’m a hybrid?

My brain got awashed by all these questions, with more new answers that seemed more question-like by the second. No, it wasn’t really an answer, but it somehow gave me a “This kind of thing is actually like this” feeling. Why is that? What’s with all these recollections and memories? Does these belong to this body’s original owner? So now I have inherited them? If so, then that means that the previous owner of this body had already died.

And the lady who is still fiercely bear-hugging me, is really my mother……and……and……

“My Queen!! We finally found you!”

Behind my mother’s back carried sounds of horse halting abruptly, a group of people had appeared from the thick forest vegetation, after seeing me and my mother, they heaved a huge sigh of relief, and the leader of the human troop……ah, no, should be elves, they were wearing armor, being a man he looked quite handsome too, or does all male elves looked handsome and lankish? He walked up to front of us, kneeled on a leg, with his right hand unto his chest and bowed, saying: “This area is dangerous, my Queen, please bring the Prince with us quickly to retreat.

My mother……is actually the Queen of the elves! That means i am the Prince of the elves!! What kind of reincarnation is this, the chances of this are too coincidental already! Me who suddenly died anyhow got reincarnated to an alternate world, even becoming a Prince to a bunch of elves?! I won’t even believe the chances of it happening!

My mom wiped the corner of her eyes, before tightly grasping my hands whilst standing up so. She turned around and said: “No matter what, we must protect the Prince’s safety! It doesn’t matter what happens to me, but I cannot watch my son getting injured!”

She turned around, gently caressing my face, gently smiling as she comforted me: “It’s alright, it’s alright already son, my dear son, it’s alright. Don’t be afraid, Mummy is here. Don’t be afraid, we’ll go home now, next time I’ll never ever let you come to such a dangerous place ever again……it’s all Mummy’s fault……all Mummy’s fault……”

I can clearly feel my mother’s extreme love for me, but too bad I’m not the original owner of this body……When I witnessed her mournful face and tears originating from her eyelids scattering everywhere like a shattered diamond, I couldn’t bear to tell her the truth……hence I nodded, and attempted to use this unfamiliar body, to take the first step since I’ve reincarnated.

(TL: much thanks to soushiyc for cleaning up that ^ sentence for me