Reading Plundering the Heavens

Plundering the Heavens
Authors: 黑山老鬼

Plundering the Heavens

Authors: 黑山老鬼

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Plundering the Heavens summary: Some calls him a piece of crap that violates the dignity of the Sects around the world.
Some calls him a traitor to the Good and is part of the Evil sect who harm their fellow disciples.
Some calls him a playboy that will ruin any girl’s future
Fang Xing had and will never care about what calls him.
He only knows that if he doesn’t steal from the large sects and schools, the resources controlled by the mighty families would never be his.
He only knows that people can say whatever they want and if he can’t beat them in an argument he can always break their mouth
He also know that among the heavens and earth, he is only one that transcended and is able to look down upon the world.

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