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Monster Paradise Chapter 1

[Incarnation’s Serial Number : 142857]


[Incarnation’s Name : Lin Huang]


[Incarnation’s Gender : Male]


[Incarnation’s Prior Age : 25]


[Incarnation’s Current Age : 15]


[Incarnation’s Starting World : Monster Paradise]


[Incarnation’s Setting : Lin Huang ; Male ; 15 ; 13 year old sister Lin Xin who depends on him for her livelihood ; Shattered Internal Life Wheel  ; Prana consumption rate: 1000%, Remaining lifespan : 91 days]


[Incarnation’s Memory Fusion Rate : 98%]


[Transmigration count : 1]


[Blessing Status :  Not Activated]


Lin Huang was staring blankly at the translucent menu UI in front of him, his eyes slightly glazed over. Despite opening up this menu multiple times this week, he was still surprised by the sight in front of him.


A week has passed since Lin Huang had transmigrated into a 15 year old teenager. The previous owner was gifted and was the top student in the Hunter Preparatory Institution. He took place among his peers with nearly full marks in all his tests. Unfortunately, he had a fatal flaw; His Life Wheel was shattered from birth.


A large crack ran down the stony exterior of his life wheel, nearly splitting into halves. Out of the 360 sections of his life wheel, only 3 were still lit up with the 3rd section slowly fading out.

For a normal person, 3 section’s worth of prana is equivalent to a lifespan of 3 years, However, with Lin Huang’s 1000% prana consumption rate, he had a measly 3 months to live.

” At least my appearance has improved significantly since my transmigration.” Lin Huang quipped in a self-deprecating tone, while looking at the mirror in his hand.


A delicate, pretty teenager with a short layered hairstyle was reflected in the mirror. A pair of clear black eyes stared back at Lin Huang.


” What is the point of being good looking?!” Clenching his fists in anger, Lin Huang shouted in frustration at no one in particular.


“I am grateful for the cheat-like blessing granted to me BUT you could have given me a manual on how to use it”


” A week has passed and I still don’t know how activate Blackie…”


Blackie is the blessing chosen by Lin Huang prior to his transmigration. It took the form a black card. Despite his attempts at activating Blackie over the past week, the black card remained inert. He did not even figure out its ability.


” Brother, I’m home!”


Just as Lin Huang was about to go on a rant about “fraudulent game companies”, a girl’s voice rang out across the house. This was followed by the sound of a door closing as the girl finished inputting the door’s password and entered the house.


Closing the menu UI, Lin Huang calmed himself as he walked down the stairs. He lived in a two storey house with two bedrooms situated on the 2nd floor.


As he reached the end of the stairway, he smiled at the girl who was removing her footwear in the hallway.


She had the appearance of a twelve or thirteen year old. She sported a short hairstyle which grew up to her ear lobes with bangs that covered her eyebrows. Beneath those bangs were a pair of sparkling black eyes, framed by delicate features which contained a hint of childishness. She wore a white T-shirt with a floral print , paired with a white pair of jeans. At her feet were a pair of white sports shoes.


“Welcome back Xin’er. Go wash your hands. Dinner’s almost ready.” Lin Huang replied to the boyish looking girl in front of him.


As the siblings sat facing each other at the dinner table, a vibration was felt from the ring on Lin Huang’s left pinkie. Shortly after, a translucent video screen was projected in front of Lin Huang. This situation was replicated at Lin Xin’s end as both video screens were simultaneously projected from their pinkie rings.

This pinkie ring was given to as soon as a child’s birth registration was confirmed. It was known as the Imperial Heart Ring and contained the individual’s personal details, a personal storage space and also functioned as a communication tool to link up with the HeartNet. Sudden announcements such as these weren’t common and were usually a result of momentous events.


“Hmm?” Lin Xin was surprised by the sudden interruption. Lin Huang stopped eating and focused on the video screen.


“Breaking News. At 4:30 in the afternoon today, a Void’s Eye was found 310km south east of 7D101 Stronghold. Monsters were believed to have infiltrated the area. Nearby residents should take note and stay within the compound. Refrain from leaving your homes at night.”


As the announcement ended, Lin Huang furrowed his eyebrows. 7D101 was the serial number of their stronghold.


Strongholds were classified as A , B , C or D rank according to their size and denoted a Core , Large , Medium and Small stronghold respectively. The 7 in 7D101  was the serial number of the safety zone the stronghold was situated in while the 101 was the stronghold number.


As for the Void’s Eye mentioned in the announcement, it was a dimensional gateway from which monsters invaded this world. Due to its appearance resembling a translucent human pupil when it first appears, it was commonly known as Void’s Eye.


“Brother, the stronghold will be safe won’t it? The Void’s Eye is really close to the stronghold…” Lin Xin’s betrayed her worry as she asked her brother.


” Don’t worry, didn’t you see that announcement? The hunters should have received this information even before that broadcast. Besides, each stronghold had its own defenses and won’t be breached that easily.” Lin Huang smiled as he shook his head and comforted his sister.


” Let’s eat!”


After dinner, Lin Xin returned to her bedroom to finish her homework while Lin Huang cleaned up. By the time the dishes were done, night had fallen.


After returning to his bedroom, Lin Huang connected to the HeartNet’s homepage and started checking on the Void’s Eye’s status. Row after row of news entry appeared in chronological order as Lin Huang searched for news on the situation.


“Monster Hunters were arriving in waves at the Void’s Eyes vicinity to hunt down the monsters.”


“Silver Card Hunter Li Lang was spotted near Stronghold 7D101!”


“A team of 18 hunters with Li Lang as their leader has started extermination operation.”


“After an hour of hunting, all the BlackIron ranked monsters within 100km of the Void’s Eye have been exterminated. More and more hunters have joined the hunting team in sweeping the surrounding areas.”


As Lin Huang read through the rows of news entries, his worries were slowly alleviated. Despite his confidence earlier in front of his sister, he was just as concerned. This was his first encounter with such a situation since his arrival last week. Thankfully, there were no sightings of higher ranked monsters according to the news and Lin Huang gradually calmed down.


The appearance of a Void’s Eye was random. Its timing, location, rank and amount of monsters could not be predicted ahead of time. If there were too many high ranking monsters or the monster count was too high, the hunting team would have failed miserably even if they had a Gold Card Hunter . 7D101 being a Small stronghold would have been overrun easily if it was a monster horde that appeared.


While Lin Huang was unable to determine the use of his Blessing, he was able to figure the general situation of his transmigration.


On the HeartNet, there were numerous videos of monster hordes posted. His first experience with these videos was traumatizing to say the least.


The video that scarred him the most depicted the massacre of a Large stronghold. He still remembers every minute detail of that video to this day.


In darkness of the void, a blood red eye opened and the nightmare began. A never ending horde of monsters swarmed out of the Void’s Eye and broke through the stronghold’s defenses in an instant. Hundreds of millions of people died that day as the stronghold’s ground was stained red. Countless bones and corpses littered the sea of blood. Monsters could be seen greedily swallowing up these corpses.


The stronghold Lin Huang lived in was a D ranked stronghold that was equivalent to a small city on Earth. It had a population under a hundred thousand and was situated in the lowest ranked safety zone. If a high ranked monster had appeared from that Void’s Eye, it would have been a massacre. Thankfully, there was no such being.


As Lin Huang closed the HeartNet’s UI, he reflected on the past week’s events.


“According to my prana consumption rate, I have roughly 91 days of life span left. The most pressing objective is to replenish my prana with Life Crystals. I still have no clues on how to activate my Blessing… I will just put it aside for now.  The cheapest Life Crystals on sale are the One Year Life Crystals and those cost a minimum of a hundred thousand credits. Right now, with my savings of less than thirty thousand, these are clearly out of reach for me.”


Life Crystals, are rare drops from hunting monsters and contain a large amount of prana. In order to use these crystals, one just had to chew on it and the prana would flow into the Life Wheel.


“The fastest way to earn money is to hunt monsters. I might even get lucky and find a Life Crystal among the drops. However, with my current body’s abilities, lower than BlackIron, the amount of monsters I can hunt are limited. Trash tier monsters… But I might just get lucky and find a Life Crystal while hunting. I will make preparations tomorrow and set out the day after!”


Having settled on a plan, Lin Huang fell into a deep slumber after clearing his mind.


In the middle of the night, a shattering sound interrupted Lin Huang’s sleep.




As he gradually came to his senses, a girl’s scream rang throughout the house. The voice came from a nearby source and he quickly realised it was his sister’s voice.


Lin Huang jumped off his bed and put on some clothes while rushing off to his sister’s room. With a resounding thud, he kicked open the door of Lin Xin’s room.

Chapter 1: What is the point of being good looking?!