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Man Huang Feng Bao Chapter 1

 Chapter 1 – Big senior brother

Southern region of Da Qin Empire, Cloud Mist Mountain.

Looking down from above of the clouds, the boundless earth was enveloped by the morning mist. Only countless of majestic and arduous mountains could be seen above the clouds. Countless mountains were standing in great numbers on the boundless earth.

The sun was just raised from the horizon and at the foot of a mountain was already a row of long queue. Within the radius of thousand miles, families were already competing to sending their children to Cloud Mist Sect. All with the hope that their children could pass through the test and finally become a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect which have a long history to it. A chance like this only comes once in a year, no one could resist to miss this chance.

Just when everybody were anxiously waiting for their turn to take the test, from the surrounding came a beggar with ragged clothes. The beggar did not join up in queue like the others but instead just walk direct to the gate of Cloud Mist Sect.

“Who are you, stand right where you are!”

Two Cloud Mist Sect disciples stepped on their flying sword and flew towards the beggar, coldly blocking the beggar’s path. The two disciples wore a white standard disciple robe which was untainted by even a speck of dust and under their foot was a shiny flying sword. Faces of endless envy could be seen from the crowd while the face of the two disciple’s got even more arrogant and proud, becoming even higher in spirits. To be able to join Cloud Mist Sect and become a disciple could be said to be a thousand out of one opportunity.

The beggar continued moving forward, ignoring the two disciples who were in other people’s eyes like god who cannot be offended.

The two Cloud Mist Sect disciples were angered. The flying sword on their foot started to erupt out biting cold murderous intent. The crowd who were in the long queue all could not helped trembling with cold but the beggar still just continued walking forward.

“What’s the matter?”

A red clothed woman who was taller than other people half a head walked out from Cloud Mist Sect. Her figure was provocative and the twin peaks on her chest was bigger than two girls of the same age as her. While walking, her twin peaks could be seen bouncing up and down as if her clothes were going to burst open anytime. Her butt was very big too but her waist was very slender where just one hand was enough to hold over it.

“Senior sister, this beggar is causing trouble, wanting to walk through the gate without queuing up at all!”

The previously two disciples who had a face of arrogant on their face without delay bowed to salute. In front of the red clothed woman Zhu Si Jia, they did not dared to have any negligent.


The red clothed woman Zhu Si Jia was angered too. Moving quickly towards the beggar and blocking his path. On her face was covered with coldness and murderous intent surged out.

The beggar lifted up his head, not speaking a word at all.

It could be seen that his facial features was not very handsome at all but the more one look at his face, it could be said to be tolerant to look at as his face had a sense of maturity and calmness which people his age shouldn’t have. The crucial point was his eyes. Deep and apathetic, as if he had experienced a million years of changes, not bringing a thread of feeling fluctuation, causing other’s heart to shake when looking deep into his eyes. Looking carefully again, his eyes were even as if an endless starry sky. Every moment, there were different world being born and extinguished. Just looking at his eyes, one could feel his soul was being wrapped into it.

The heart of the red clothed woman and the two gate guard disciples trembled. In an instant, all three of them were subdued by the beggar’s eyes. Subconsciously getting out of the way and leaving a path for the beggar.

The beggar walked forward, from the start to the end, not a single change of expression was seen on his face. His footsteps did not stop for once at all too. His footsteps was neither fast nor slow, the distance of every step he took was the same.

“Big…Big senior brother?”

The red clothed woman Zhu Si Jia opened her eyes wide, crying out in shock: “Xie Chuan, didn’t…didn’t you died at God Burial Valley three months ago already?”

“I’m back.”

The ragged clothed Xie Chuan answered and walked towards the gate with big steps.

At the back, the complexion of the two gate guard disciples who were previously in high spirit were currently pale. Few moments passed and they still could not regain by their spirit. The short moment of Xie Chuan brushing past them, Xie Chuan took a single glance at them and they were already feeling as if their soul was going to jump out of their body.

“Wait a moment. Big senior brother, let’s go to Cloud Mist Hall and see the elders first.”

The red clothed Zhu Si Jia hesitated for a moment before speaking out and chased up to Xie Chuan. Thinking back to the expression in Xie Chuan’s eyes which was entirely different to the former day Xie Chuan, what followed up after being terrified was being puzzled. Seeing that Xie Chuan who in the former days was coward and timid to act as though there were nobody else present, her heart could not help feeling somewhat angry.

A melodious bell sound suddenly resound through Cloud Mist Sect.

Commotion was stirred all around Cloud Mist Sect. Everyone was rushing towards Cloud Mist Hall. Even a few elders who all year round go into seclusion to cultivate also suddenly came out of their seclusion and came to Cloud Mist Hall, unexpectedly sizing up and down at Xie Chuan who was at the hall.

Three months ago, Xie Chuan received orders to follow a few protectors to go to Cloud Mist Mountain forbidden area, God Burial Valley, to pick up a few medicinal herbs. In the end, their whole party suddenly encountered an ambush and suffered a complete wipe out. A few rank 5 Xiu Shi protectors all died. Although they didn’t found Xie Chuan’s corpse, everyone assumed that Xie Chuan who was barely rank 1 Wu Zhe would for sure be not able to survive this calamity.

Within Man Huang World, people’s cultivation are split into 5 realms which are known as Wu Zhe, Xiu Shi, Zhen Ren, Sage and Daoist Immortal. Every realm all have 7 ranks. All Xiu Shi realm protectors had died, no reason Xie Chuan who belonged to a mere Wu Zhe realm escaped.

Everyone suspiciously looked at Xie Chuan, vision flickering.

Within the younger generation in Cloud Mist Sect, Xie Chuan seniority was the highest. He was the Sect Master’s direct disciple. Because Xie Chuan’s ancestor once did a huge favor for Cloud Mist Sect, although his aptitude was only average, from when he was young he was already took in by the Sect Master as direct disciple and furthermore a dragon’s vein crystallization was sealed in his body by the Sect Master too. Within the younger generation, Xie Chuan had cultivated the longest and was titled as big senior brother. Unfortunately, his aptitude was too mediocre and adding the fact that the Sect Master went out on a trip around the world to practice right after taking in Xie Chuan as direct disciple, no one was there to help Xie Chuan point out how to cultivate which result in his cultivation as the lowest in the younger generation even though he was the big senior brother. From young till now, he had suffered from countless snub and supercilious look from others in the sect.

This time, everyone all thought that Xie Chuan had already died at God Burial Valley. The sect did not even spend a tiny bit of extra energy to find his corpse at all. Quite a few people had all secretly peeped on the position of big senior brother. But who would have thought that Xie Chuan would actually come back after three months.

“Xie Chuan, you…How did you come back?” After being silent for a while, third elder who was sitting upright at the top of the hall took the initiative to speak. A pair of long and narrow eyes sizing up and down at the ragged clothed Xie Chuan.

“Third elder, can’t I come back? Or is it that this time I didn’t die, someone is very disappointed?” Xie Chuan’s face was calm but within his heart he was coldly laughing.

That’s right, he had already died. The previous Xie Chuan had already long died.

Right now, the one standing within the hall was another Xie Chuan. Man Huang World former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, someone who had the same name and surname, Xie Chuan. Million years after being plotted against and trapped within God Burial Valley, a strand of destroyed soul finally escaped out and reborn within the body of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple Xie Chuan. After fusing with the memory of the previous Xie Chuan, the current Xie Chuan was clear with everyone’s thoughts within the hall.

Third elder was at a loss for words with his face gloomy. A sharp voice ranged out. Fifth elder who was sitting beside third elder coldly looked at Xie Chuan and said: “All the protectors had died from this mission. Xie Chuan, a mere rank 1 Wu Zhe like you instead survived? How dangerous is God Burial Valley we all know. No one dares to approach near it, all year round thick fog enveloped around it too. How did the protectors suddenly meet with ambush? A traitor who had betrayed the sect still even have the face to come back?”

“Fifth elder, who did you say was a traitor? Where is the proof?”

Xie Chuan lifted up his head and looked at the complexion malicious fifth elder. His face calm, only that his eyes was particularly cold and deep. His icy cold eyes did not bring a single thread of emotion, as if just one look and he could see through other’s heart, letting others feel that their secret had no place to hide within their heart. The aloof and remote fifth elder in an instant felt a burst of palpitation for no reason. Due to having a guilty conscience, he did not dared to look straight at Xie Chuan.

Staring at the fifth elder for a while, Xie Chuan swept his gaze through everyone and took out a warrant plate. Holding highly the warrant plate, Xie Chuan shouted loudly: “All of you don’t recognize this warrant plate?”

Everyone’s face changed and immediately bowed towards Xie Chuan to salute.

Although the Sect Master had for many years not come back to Cloud Mist Sect, but seeing the warrant plate was equal as seeing the Sect Master. No one dared to be negligent.

“My ancestor had a meritorious deed towards Cloud Mist Sect. Sect Master felt indebted to my ancestor and gave my ancestor this warrant plate. Afterwards, he took me in as direct disciple too. Taking out this warrant plate, I am not trying to be arrogant and claim accomplishment made by my ancestor. I only want to say that, do not anyhow frame and shift the blame onto some else. If I really were to seriously want to cause harm to Cloud Mist Sect, why would I keep bitterly cultivate alone at the mountain top? Why would I not just take the warrant plate and demand for an exceptional martial technique which cannot be divulge to outsiders? Sect Master went to drift around the world and all of you wouldn’t let me go to Martial Storing Pavilion to look for a martial technique suitable for me to cultivate. No one here help to point out to me how to cultivate too. Right now, with a narrow escape did I finally manage to survive and come back to Cloud Mist Sect and you all still want to with groundless evidence try to drive me out of the sect. Do you all not think that your actions are letting down on the Sect Ancestors and Sect Master?”

Xie Chuan looked around with his ice cold and sharp gaze. Everyone in succession lowered their head. Third and fifth elder who had prejudice against him also did not utter a word anymore.

Xie Chuan had the warrant plate to protect him. Don’t say that they don’t have the evidence that Xie Chuan was a traitor. Even if they did have evidence that Xie Chuan was a traitor, unless if it was the Sect Master himself, no one can expel him out of Cloud Mist Sect.

“All right, it was just only a case of misunderstanding. All of you can disperse already. Xie Chuan, third and fifth elder were only thinking for Cloud Mist Sect and asking a few questions only. I hope that you would not mind.” Big elder spoke.

While Sect Master was not here, big elder had the biggest authority within Cloud Mist Sect. After pausing for a moment, big elder looked at everyone and said: “This matter will end here. Next time no one should bring up this matter anymore. Jia Jia, you first bring Xie Chuan to Pills Concocting Pavilion to get some medicinal pills to treat his wounds and send him back to Purple Cloud Peak.”

One word from big elder was worth nine sacred cauldron. After instructing a few sentences, everyone stood up and left. Third and fifth elder coldly took a glance at Xie Chuan and snorted before leaving. The people who gathered outside of the hall also in succession dispersed. Shortly, within the hall was just left with Xie Chuan and the red clothed woman Zhu Si Jia.

“Brat, let’s go!” Zhu Si Jia walked towards the exit of the hall, not giving any good attitude towards Xie Chuan.

She did not really have any prejudice towards Xie Chuan. Only that to suddenly get ordered by his grandpa to attend to Xie Chuan, her heart could not help feeling impatient and annoyed. Never mind bringing Xie Chuan to Pill Concocting Pavilion, but to still have to bring Xie Chuan back to the tall Purple Cloud Peak…Do she even need to cultivate anymore today?

Xie Chuan kept away the warrant plate and followed after Zhu Si Jia.

Following behind then did he discovered that Zhu Si Jia’s figure was very provocative. Other disciples normally wore standard robe but she instead wore tight clothing, completely revealing out her bumpy and delicate figure. Every step she took, her big and outstanding butt would always bounce a bit, sweeping up an attracting arc, full of elasticity. Making people who see that felt their heart feeling itchy, wanting to with a palm of the hand slap towards it to see how it feels.

Pill Concocting Pavilion was not far from Cloud Mist Hall. Very quickly, the two of them came to an ancient pavilion and could smell the fragrant scent of medicines. Just when they entered, a dozen of pill concocting disciple came to gather around the red clothed woman Zhu Si Jia with a face of respect: “Senior sister, you came just at a right time. How do we concoct dragon serpent pill?”

“This…I also am not too sure. Big senior brother is right here. He entered the sect for the longest, you can ask him.” Thinking of when Xie Chuan came back and act as though there were nobody present, Zhu Si Jia felt very unhappy. Her mind came with an idea and decided to put him into a difficult spot.

The dozen pill concocting disciples all looked at Xie Chuan who was behind Zhu Si Jia with an ugly expression.

Everyone knew that the title of big senior brother was just a false reputation for Xie Chuan. Although he had cultivated with hard work, but with his mediocre aptitude and no one to help point him out on how to cultivate, he had only remain at rank 1 Wu Zhe. To be not even as good as numerous disciples, how would he knew how to concoct pills?

“Three dragon whisker grass, five drips of red river water and seven snake berry. Boil for half an hour and you can take it out of the furnace already.” Xie Chuan indifferently replied.

The previous Xie Chuan had already died. The current Xie Chuan was already the former Heaven Concealing Great Sage.

Within the endless amount of years, he had charged through ancient historical remains, went on a rampage in fierce regions, killing demons and devils and even guided countless people up the path of cultivating. One of those who he had guided was the founding master of Cloud Mist Sect, Ghost Hand Medicinal King. To concoct dragon serpent pill was a secret method in Cloud Mist Sect, but to him it was nothing at all.

Numerous pill concocting disciples was half believing but Zhu Si Jia’s eyes were instead lighted up. Sizing Xie Chuan up and down out of surprise. As if she had for the first time just came to know his extremely mediocre big senior brother: “Then why after swallowing dragon serpent pill, one is easy to walk into fire and turn into devil and need to swallow ice spring water to assist.”

Dragon serpent pill can help to rapidly increase one’s cultivation. But the attribute of the medicines were too strong, just one careless mistake after swallowing the pill, one could walk into fire and turn into devil. In order to cover this weak point, Zhu Si Jia had in all those years strenuously pondered and had tried many ways but all to no avail. This problem was too profound that even the elders were not able to solve it. She did not believed that Xie Chuan could answer her question at all. To answer the first question was not a big deal, maybe Xie Chuan could have heard the method on how to concoct dragon serpent pill before.

“Oh? There’s even this kind of problem?”

Xie Chuan knitted his eyebrows, obviously not able to answer the question.

The surrounding pill concocting disciples all coldly laughed. Just when they were about to ridicule a few sentences, Xie Chuan indifferently said: “I understood already. What you all caught was black venomous snack and furthermore, you all did not notice that if it was male or female right? To concoct dragon serpent pill, there is a detail where you must use snake berry which have been crawled before by female snake. Dragon whisker grass has extreme yang and snake berry which have been crawled before by female snake has extreme yin. When both yin and yang coordinate with one another, then only will the dragon serpent pill be flawless.”

Was this real of fake?

Everyone was somewhat suspicious. What they heard sounded somewhat inconceivable but Xie Chuan instead had a deadly earnest expression. Coming back from God Burial Valley, they felt as if Xie Chuan changed into another person. Although Xie Chuan looks and cultivation rank did not change at all, his temperament had a very large difference.

Everyone knew that snake berry which had been crawled by black venomous snake could be used to concoct pills. But no one had heard or knew before that there was still a need to differentiate between male or female snake.

Liar, this Xie Chuan confirm must be talking nonsense!

Numerous pill concocting disciples had a face of disdain but the provocative figure Zhu Si Jia instead had a look of pensive on her face.

“Quick, bring out the best golden wound dispersal for big senior brother to heal his wounds. I’m going somewhere for a while and will come back shortly.”

Quickly instructing a sentence, Zhu Si Jia left instantly, not able to wait to verify Xie Chuan’s words.