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Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu Chapter 1

Translator: Drakuro

T.N: I decided to translate this one as it seems interesting enough. If anyone had the illustration for the light novel I would appreciate it if you can provide it to me. Like I always said, I’m using machine translator so my translation might not be 100% correct. Also, I’m translating the web novel, so there might be some difference with the light novel. And please support the author by buying the books if its available in your country(and if you can afford it)

Intro:  Second Times in Different World

“You have come!! O Brave Heroes!” (???)

Ah, this is the second times I heard this line.

The first time is also this castle’s royal family, with the same lines being told by the same princess.

However, compared to the first time, where I have no idea who the people next to me are, but right now there’s approximately 40 of my classmates.

My classmates are pretty shaken, some of the girls even had frightened expression.

Since this is my second times, I could afford to be lenient.
Not to mention, this is kind of “what I had hoped for” kind of development.

The name of this world is 〈Eclair〉. The war between the Human, the Demon and the Beastman intensified once, ruining the world.

And――――――it’s the world that I had saved once.

Before speaking about this world in details, I think I should tell about me, Suzaki Setsu first.

Dozens of minutes ago before I was summoned.

“――――――Oi!!Get me Yakisoba Bread, Gloomy Yuki” (???)

High school lunch break――――――My back is suddenly kicked, sending me outside the classroom.

The guy who did it, I think he’s called Endo or something. Recently it’s getting troublesome for me to remember the name of a person one by one.

“Mine is cream bread!” (???)

“I want curry bread,  Gloomy Yuki!” (???)

So troublesome…I have been asked by the guys whose name I could hardly remember anymore. Should I just call them Endo’s follower No.1 and 2?

Although I could just refuse them here, These guys who are the bullies of the class would surely call me after school because of my 「Impertinence」. It’s the most troublesome for me, and I really hate it.

Silently taking out my wallet, I decided to just go buy them.

By the way, Gloomy Yuki(T.N:Nekurayuki) seems to be my nickname. Hair stretched out covering my eyes, also not really tall. I could only accept if someone were to said I obviously looks like a gloomy otaku.

And then, for the Yuki part….

“Yuki-kun! What are you doing?” (???)

A girl with brown bob cut hair with a bit of extension attached approached by running to me who’s going to buying something. She’s my childhood friend who lives next door, also my classmate Hanabashira Yuuhi. Slightly shorter than me, the part that should curve out did curve out and the part that should curve in did curve in, a stylish and pretty girl.

“Hm, Yuuhi huh? I’m going to buy something but……you really did not stop calling me Yuki as ever.” (Setsu)

“That because Yuki-kun is Yuki-kun!” (Yuuhi)

Though you might have noticed, the Yuki part of Gloomy Yuki, it came from this person calling me Yuki instead of Setsu. Although Yuuhi calls me that as she mistook Setsu as Yuki at first(T.N: His name is written as Yuki, read as Setsu), according to Endo and co, they see it as an idol-like existence of the class having a close relationship with a gloomy person even as far as calling by nickname…thus I received bullied-like treatment out of weird jealousy.

The class somehow see me as an eyesore. The boys envy me, and the girls think I’m creepy…something like that? Not like I care.

To the Yuuhi who doesn’t know she’s the cause of my nickname, some men and woman call out to her.

“Yuu, where are you going?” (???)

“Let’s get on the early line! My stomach is empty~” (???)

“Mizuki is the same as always.” (???)

The voice of the man and woman interrupted our conversation, I also know that these guys are the one that stand out in class.

The first one with the so-called two block hairstyle, an ikemen with wild features, Kondo Jiro. his name sounds bitter but nowadays it’s all about the look.

The second one is a twin tail girl and shorter than Yuuhi, Asakura Mizuki. With a lively personality, as well as athletic ability…. I’ve heard Yuuhi complain that she didn’t have the brightest head though.

The last one is an ikemen that gives the image of a mild-tempered man with longish brown hair. Harusaki Kouma is the so-called perfect superman, a popular Riajuu.
[T.N: Pretty sure you guys know what Ikemen and Riajuu means]

They’re all my classmates, as well as Yuuhi’s friends. These four people are always at the center of the class. By the way,  Yuu is what they use to call Yuuhi.

“Ah, yes! See you later Yuki-kun!” (Yuuhi)

Yuuhi returns to the classroom while waving at me.

Those three people get in between me and Yuuhi. Somehow I think they’re glaring at me.

Thinking that they hated me, I went back to buy things.

――――――Say, why is Yuu being together with such a gloomy person?

――――――Eeh? Yuki-kun is not gloomy you know?

I heard that kind of conversation at the end.

I bought all the bread asked using my own money. Its because I don’t have the time to ask them one by one.

As they’re also asked me to buy the drink, I head to the vending machine outside.

Is his favorite sweet coffee? Cafe au Lait? I bought it and returns to the classroom.

And then, when I turn my sight towards the school ground, the upperclassmen were playing soccer there. The soccer club seems to be mixed, as a pretty good guy managed to pass the defense, and shoot.

The ball that was kicked with a yell full of fighting spirit, is it going straight for the goal…not, it passed on top, making a  beautiful arc and flew towards me.

I face it with both of my hands full with the breads and drinks, which means I can’t stop it with my hands.

“Sigh…so troublesome.”

However, the ball which approached me, suddenly loses momentum in front of me who’s sighing, and bounced on the ground.

Now then, let’s hurry up and deliver these breads.

Lunch break is over, and the afternoon class begins.

Fortunately Endo and co were not offended. Therefore I could turn on the power of my smart phone during lesson as usual in peace. Blocking the teacher’s line of vision with the textbook, I opened the site for the web novel on the internet.

The thing I’m looking for――――――Transferred to the different world, the summoned-series novel.

…..More than 10 years ago, I got summoned to a different world, and saved that world. I don’t tell anyone since nobody would believe it.

More than 10 years ago…I who saved the world, got kicked out from the world by the human country that summoned me.

Although I think that I might have died, growing up as a Hero, I who had arrived at the realm of immortality can’t die from normal way, thus I reluctantly have been flicked out with the Transfer Magic.

…Though as expected I was surprised that when I came back to the current age I had been reincarnated as a different human.

If I think about it, the king might have think that I would get in the way. He may have thought that I would take his position as king.

Well, there’s too many things I left on the other side as it was too sudden.

Therefore I’ve been desperately searching since I was young for a way to return there. I keep on piling though the book to read during holidays.

Fortunately I still inherited all the power that I have as the Hero, thus I spend most of my times during the holidays reading the book. The reason why my power remains is a mystery. According to the web novel, it seems to be something like ‘opportunism’. What a convenient word.
[T.N: ご都合主義. Separately it is called Convenient Principle, not sure if Opportunism is really the correct word. I think its close to Deus Ex Machina, but I’m not sure myself]

Still, I haven’t found a way to return. I keep on wasting time with school life in this world, as I had no clue at all.

However, I can’t give up. Therefor I’ll keep searching on the internet. Currently, the web novel is my best hope. I keep searching for them at school, and will continue searching for them after school with the house PC. It is for this purpose that I don’t want to be disturbed after school.
[T.N: I don’t know man, I think the occult book had better chance than the fantasy story written by otaku]

I take no notice of the teacher’s class, and keep on typing the character.

This is the part when I suddenly felt the sense of incongruity.

“……..The flow of magical power?” (Setsu)

I didn’t feel that flow of magical power for long, but for me to suddenly sense it must be because of something.

The magical power should not be in this world, as I have never come across an existence that can use it in the current time. However, I feel the flow of such a magical power in the classroom…and also at my feet.

(Don’t tell me!?)

“Uwaa!? What is this!?” (???)

One of the male student jumped.

Like a chain reaction, the voice came out from all over the classroom.

A huge magic formation shines beneath our feet….

This is the same thing as that time when I was summoned for the first time――――――

(……….The world had not abandon me yet!)
Thus, the classroom is wrapped up in light, and now I would be summoned again to the different world along with the classmate――――――

T.N: Feel free to criticize my translation, and correct any of my mistakes.

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