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Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 1

Prologue Part 1 I Refuse

I don’t really have a problem with the current Japan. Oh I also work at normal company (not a black company). I don’t really have a wife or child. But the world isn’t really fleeting either (may be wrong but not important to story). Every day watching TV, playing new games, reading books, eating food, taking baths. The old days as a student have already passed, I don’t really feel like going back to those days. There are many people with opinions like “days spent as students were great”. But if you think about it, “Were our days as students really free?”. Surrounded by school work, the money I could use freely was also limited, and I also had to make sure to meet parents’ expectations. Ah, to the people whose parents have passed on, I’m not really saying that parents are annoying. Becoming a adult, being capable of living by myself, I had fun. I felt that I was actually living.

What I’m saying is…

“I am currently satisfied”

“To the the person standing in the entrance to my apartment, I clearly say…

“Ah, I’m not really interested in religion since I entered the place my parents supported”

Aren’t most people like that? There aren’t that many people who would go out of their way to find a new religion right? When you notice it, you’re already part of your parents’ religion. Well, that’s the type of reason why I refused and was about to close the door when,

“Wai…Wait please! A little… Won’t you please hear my out a little bit more?!”

In that way, the door I was about to close had a hand inserted, stopping me from closing the door.

As you would expect, I’m not as merciless to close a door after knowing a hand has been placed between it.

But, all of sudden after opening the door

“Are you interested in managing a dungeon? If you act now I will grant you a goddess’ divine protection to support you”.

Thinking, what is this beautiful blonde-haired woman wearing a suit saying, anyone would behave the same way I did.

Even if I want to accept someone saying things like [I fell in love with you at first sight] or [I will make you rich], no wait the reason to not believe it is because they said such a thing.

The people who think there’s no relation to religion please listen to me, if all of a sudden someone comes to entangle you in matters of fate or money, I’m sure they will react just like me.

Listen this “for now please hear me out” is actually the goal of these types. That’s why after you listen to what they say and reply “I’m not interested in management” they would reply with “It’s alright, we will support you!” saying this they would surely trap you for a long time.

Then if you say evasive things like “I have work so…”, “I have an urgent matter to tend to”, it will surely pull them in even more.

That’s why I deliberately tried to shut the door in the middle of listening to her. By the way if she was a beauty, I would have immediately closed the door and turned off the intercom. Well, every home has their own way to refusing these types of people (salesman etc.).

Coming back to the situation of putting her hand between my door, this beauty, I won’t acknowledge her as a woman anymore.

I’m not as naive to believe that a flag was raised like a drama from somewhere, manga or light novels.

“I understand, its dangerous so please remove your hand”

While saying that I opened the door (because this is important), as I say it she removes to her hand and steps back so I can open the door but suddenly I closed it. Perfect! (lol).

“Wha? Whaaaa?”

I lock the door and turn off the intercom immediately and promptly retreat back to the room I was playing my game in and turn up the volume to the limit I can bear. Eh, a merciless act? Those type of people can go ahead and listen properly, get their time wasted and even be wrapped in fraud. What if they just stay out there and make noise and disturb the neighbors? Don’t worry. Reality is dark. You can just call the police and end it there.

After all, she gave up after the having the door closed. She seems to have left immediately without making a ruckus. Let’s just lower the game volume to normal and enjoy the rest of my day off.

“Don’t freaking screw with me”

All of a sudden, she showed up in front of my eyes distracting me in the middle of a boss fight resulting in my death..

Ah! My heart feels like its about to break…

“Don’t screw with me should be my line!!!!!!”

Of course I snapped, but I was calm. Immediately, I took my smart phone and called 110 (911)… Ah, it connected. “Is this the police? A unknown person has broken into my home…yes….the address is…”

“Ah, Wait a second!! It’s a misunderstanding!!”

The beauty finally understood what I was doing and immediately snatched my phone and cut the line.

“It’s not a misunderstanding, you’re trespassing!!!”

Again I tried to call but I was stopped.

“This guy, is pretty stubborn, but this should work…”

She was grumbling something, Wait my actions were perfectly normal. I’m 90% if not 100% percent sure anyone would have done the same thing in my position.

And then, the beauty pointed her hand towards me. “I will explain it to you there”

A flash of light poured on me….



Prologue Part 2 – I Still Refuse

Light shined in a room of the common apartment.

The light that shined out from the windows of the room, pushed out the sunlight and created shadows. But there wasn’t a person there to react to it.

[All right, Shall I go after him]

Saying that the beauty who shined the light vanished.

And then, only the sound of the game he was playing was left.

[Well shall I continue…]

The man was from before was there gripping his game controller.

Uh, why didn’t I stick to my promise? What kind of idiotic thing are you saying?

If someone points their palm towards you and says I’m about to do something, no one would just stand there, please tell if that doesn’t happen.

It’s a simple matter, while I was playing a game there was a table between the console and me. Nowadays, wireless controllers are pretty convenient. Back in the old days because of the cord you couldn’t sit far away.

Ah, continuing on, that beauty (trespasser) when she came in the second time she was on the side of the TV with the table in between and I was on the side of the sofa with the table between us. So when she took my phone away from me our places switched. So the dodged the light coming from the beauty’s hand by hiding under the table. The place underneath the table is an all-purpose place. This situation proved that it could be useful even in situations besides earthquakes (lol). I calmed down and went back to enjoying my day off. You might be asking why don’t I run away? But think about it carefully, the opponent showed up in a locked apartment so even if I ran away she would immediately catch up with me. The opponent is not someone who I can just run away from using just my own tenacity. Basically the next time she comes I will hear her out. With this, if the opponent gives up then I can go back to my normal life. Call the police? Try saying, [All of a sudden a girl showed up in my room!!]. That will most definitely get you sent to either a mental hospital or jail. For now, lets resume playing, The wall clock started ringing at 12 o’clock (Its one of those that probably goes off every hour).

[Should I make lunch or maybe eat out?]

An extremely troubling question, if I was in the middle of work then I would be restricted to eating out (probably at a convenient store). But right now I’m at home on my day off, I think that currently in Japan there is almost no adult male who can’t make his own food. May be even as a student they can make their own food. I’m not referring to the 3-minute ramen that you just need to add hot water to. If you’re living by yourself then its important to keep a balance between eating out and making your own food. But I just remembered something game changing.

[Oniichan, eat this later, alright?]

The grandma living next to me in the same building gave me some pickled vegetables to eat. For me her pickled vegetables are too good to pass up. It is good by itself, with rice, with tea and even with some sake (alcohol). But just by itself isn’t going to cut it so lets also accompany it with some rice.

[Miso soup, nori, fried fish, fried eggs] are Japan’s most basic foods. For me personally, I’m also fine with natto anytime of the day. For the rice, I already flipped the switch (rice cooker). Nori Ok, miso soup is also secured.

[Should I go buy some fish?]

Recently I have been having a piece at least once a day. So, I got my wallet, phone, and keys and left the apartment.

[Shit I bought two by accident just because the single was more expensive.]

So I’m looking at the two pieces I bought, that’s right buying two was way cheaper. Usually if you buy two its 10% off but today it was 80% off (almost like buy 1 get 1 free type thing).

Should I eat two, or maybe I should call the grandma next door; as I was worrying about things such as that, I opened the door…

[I never thought you would have dodged!!!]

Basically the trespassing beauty was standing in front of me in an imposing way.

So I couldn’t have escaped after all. So she once again pointed her hand at me,

[This time I won’t miss]

Yeah I probably won’t be able to dodge this time. But…

[If you want to eat, move aside. Have you eaten lunch yet?]

[Wha, no I haven’t had lunch yet]

[Then your just in time since I bought two fish, lets eat together and I will listen to your story]

I moved to the kitchen saying that.

[Sit on the sofa over there]

[Ah, alright]

She obediently went towards the sofa. When unexpected things happen, a human’s reactions slow down and they can’t think normally. Well lets put off the issue of whether she’s human or not.

And so after the meal…

[Thanks for the meal. Did you make the pickled vegetables]

[No, the grandma next door made them, delicious, right?]

[Yeah they were, but I can believe it, that flavor could be only created with many years of experience.]

[I agree, here’s some tea.]

[Tha, Thanks!}

Drinking tea together… Well, lets get back to the main topic.

[So, the promise was to listen to your story]

It’s probably bad but even if she’s a beauty, a god, or monster, I don’t have the patience to talk in a formal tone.

[Wha, Oh Yeah that right]

This one’s definitely no good.

Before I get hit by that light from before I had to say something.

[Just to hear your story we don’t really need to be transported, let me hear it here.]

[Hmmph! So you finally gave up, all right I will let you hear me out]

She perfectly started talking to me from a position looking down on me. She stood up and pointed her finger at me.

[I’m giving you an job to go to another world, manage a dungeon and restore that world’s balance.

Hearing that I didn’t become flustered. Of course most of it was according to my predictions. This level of trespassing and breaching of rules usually ends up as this sort of thing.

She continued with [You won’t be able to return to this world so take your possessions with you.]

Yeah I didn’t overlook that part

[I still refuse!!!]

Who would throw away their own current lifestyle?


The voice resounded. Still there wasn’t anything surprising about it.



Prologue Part 3 Negotiations

[Wh, why?]

After finishing screaming, the beauty began questioning me.

[Oh, its already a one-way ticket type of thing huh] – there isn’t anyone who would actually say that.

For now have a seat. I know your final goal but the details are still unknown.]

If there’s a person who just says well I’m off without knowing the goal or any details, please make sure to tell me. I want those people in our society who like to experience despair like in manga or light novels in our world. Those who act just knowing the goal but without hearing out details are easy to trick, so please pay attention.

[Well, you’re right. First lets get to know each other first. I Introductions were a little late, my name is Luna.]

No, no one wants to listen to your name and stuff.

[B91W58H85. I am also known by other names like Athena or Freya]

I just got some outrageous information. After hearing her 3-size information the latter part didn’t even register.

Hmm, I see, of course in this world there some merging of gods involved in the saying passed down.

[What, were you fascinated by me? I guess it can’t be helped. I am known as the the goddess of beauty.]

[No, no, it wasn’t anything like that. Tell me the details about the dungeon and how its management.

For the time being she’s annoying. Also this would-be god, Luna, has blonde shoulder length hair with one eye being blue and one being red. Heterochromia? She’s 170 cm tall (170/2.54=inches) which is normal for foreigners but tall for a person from Japan.

[You aren’t cute at all (originally it was like you don’t have the innocence of a child?). Alright I will explain it to you. But whether you hear me out or not the decision is already set in stone]

[No I want a brief, simple and easy to understand explanation.]

[No way]

This woman…

After that she talked for an hour and half and then after finishing went to make a simple guide.

The simple conclusion was:

Goal: Restore the other world’s , Alourit (some can suggest a better name it was A-ro-u-ri-to based on pronunciation), balance (energy=magic) by creating and managing a dungeon.

Reason: This other world’s magic circulation is what keeps the laws of nature in in effect and also is responsible for the activation of magic in that world, but that magic has become too constricted. Basically, The world’s environment has started worsening whether it be monsters or people (there are various races apparently). If it continues this way not only will the civilization that uses magic at its foundation will collapse but also any living things that use magic to live will go extinct. Well, that’s something that will happen after a couple of thousand years. The primary strategy is if you don’t want a god-like existence destroying the current world then the only way to restore the circulation of magic is by creating a dungeon. The dungeon will become an ground to lay the bait to kill any intelligent life whether it be a demon king, a hero, or even wild monsters so that you can recover the world magic. The result of the primary strategy, wait this isn’t because of me, I think. This primary strategy was originally entrusted to a native of Alourit. But it’s that, this world’s civilization level is that of the middle ages in Europe. So, the dungeon master was taken by their greed and lost control trying to take over the world resulting in being killed. The final result being failure. The second strategy is where I come in. Basically instead of leaving it to an idiot won’t it be fine if you assign someone smart? But this world’s average level leans on the spectrum towards idiot….yeah that’s right let’s get someone from another world.

So that’s when I thought, if you can’t use various people, why not Luna? There is no reason to go out of your way to use humans, well that’s what I was thinking when Luna said, [It’s fine temporarily but a god can’t stay in one place waiting for the world to end. Even you, since you have been born has moved from place to place.]

I see, it makes sense. I didn’t take into the account the scale of things. Us humans when we buy pets like dogs and cats, don’t take keep looking out for them until they die without doing anything else, its impossible.

[The gods you know who are omnipotent and omniscience are only tiny amount. And they all act with prudence to make sure they don’t effect the world.]

Are there gods who are omniscience and omnipotent!!?

[Depending on the circumstances the those gods can come into the world but… is it the drop in quality, honestly here its natural phenomena. In Alourit, its to restrict monsters and spirits. They are superior in quality but overall they encounter many difficulties.]

Yeah, after all its the same whether your managing the world or a company, I guess the level…

[To tell you the truth, Japan’s level is higher compared to Alourit’s gods.]

Ohh, Alourit’s gods, that’s sucks.

But I understand, the people in light novels, manga, or even our world, despairing won’t result in the problems being solved. But, I have a question. Even if you send me, I will only probably be able to work at a maximum of a 100 years.

[Oh, I forgot to mention, I will be giving you eternal youth (say that from the beginning?). You might be sick but you won’t die. I won’t give you immortality since if you go berserk I have to come personally to deal with you and its troublesome for me.]

Ah, yeah I understand. Even if I manage the dungeon if I go berserk than there needs to be some way to stop me.

[I understand most of it, but why can’t I come back?]

[Now look here, You understand this world’s affairs right? If I connect the modern world and that world of swords and magic together, what do you think would happen?]

[Just like that, earth would swallow Alourit, but is magic that weak?]

[No but this side has things like nuclear weapons, and things like aviation and space travel that can compare to that world’s civilization level.]

[I understand, you want to maintain Alourit’s civilization level right? You can’t have earth’s civilization level mix right?]

[Yeah, But perhaps I should say that before even earth finishes analyzing magic, Alourit would have already been captured.]

[And yet, I can pass on my culture to them?]

This is where its the strangest, If I go there with eternal youth then I would definitely influence Alourit’s culture]

[What are you saying?] Its your culture right? You, are you planning on trying to build Japanese castles over there?]

[I understand, so its like that. If I just personally try to change the culture overall in the course of time it will be erased and is fine right?]

[Yeah its like that. If your able to pass on your culture then its fine but I highly doubt if will occur. Ultimately your goal is to manage the dungeon though.]

Well of course it would be like that, since my culture is not someone that just one person can teach. Whether its monsters or humans, if I announce them to die then most definitely I will be made an enemy of the world . No, just restoring magic circulation again is fine. If I can designate a spot where I can live like here then its fine. Which ever way I go, I feel like a tyrant.

[Well, you understood various things, right.. Managing a dungeon like a circulatory organ is best and efficient.]

[OK, I understood the story. But what about me circumstances? Will my family forget about me? Going to that world without anything, there’s no way I can manage.

Honestly, because its a forced transfer, I have basically given about family and stuff. After that its about work. Will someone replace me? I will also be causing trouble for a lot of clients not to mention trouble to my seniors and juniors.

[Family and work huh. Basically, it will be like you never met or existed. They will continue to keep going so its fine. Also I’m not gonna send you without any prep. I will be giving you skills from my side. I will also support you, everything except coming back to earth. I will grant any wish within reason.]

[Houu, within reason huh…]

[Then RX-7X [No way I can’t make be like the 1 year war] (gundam reference)

Che, why do you know this side’s anime.

[Then, White Glint [What you want to make a company destroy a country?]] (armored core)

What, things from games are also restricted!

[Well how about I reward you with that after you complete your job. Also later I can deliver you things from this world if you want.]

Eh, if I succeed I can ride in Mobile suit (MS) or Armored core (AC)!! For reals!?

Oops, I got too excited, If I don’t get the promised cheat than I won’t know what to do. Please spare me from suddenly arriving and dying.

[Then are small arms also forbidden? Having a person license but making the opponent unable to use it. [Nope, that’s also after you can manage the dungeon well. On the other side, it they use them even if they don’t know how; you know what would happen right?]

[Eh, its fine if I don’t disrupt the world’s balance and use it defensively, right.]

[The answer is No. Things that are above the current level of civilization are banned in the beginning. I want you to diligently manage the dungeon. Well do you have any demands?]

[You pretty much denied everything…I guess it can’t be helped. Instant Death Evasion and a ring that can help me escape to a safe zone.]

[Oh my, is that fine? At most its just avoiding instant death? If you received a serious wound then you will probably still die?!]

[Then would you be willing to give me instant recovery skill?]

[No way, that’s basically immortality. Well if you do well than I will think about it.]

Che, its more annoying than expected. I can get a cheat preventing death after all….then.

[Alright, for my future subordinates and comrades, I want a item that can guarantee their safety without restrictions.]

[Guaranteed safety huh. I understand, Its a useful tool huh. That’s within the tolerance level, OK, that’s fine]

Alright somehow it worked out. I can be immortal but I can use [Safety] and [Guarantee]….

[Negotiations and explanations are mostly over… then later shall we go to Alourit and work out the details there.

Luna pointed here hand at me. Ah, the useless struggle ends here huh. It can’t be helped let’s somehow make it work and aim for White Glint…. (lol).