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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1

Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 1: Unexpected


In the months past April, in the plains of the mortal realm, the peach blossoms amidst the mountain temples have been all but gone.

In this huge and bustling city, the little shops in the intersection between the second and third loop seem like insignificant flies. But in the gloomy and dimly-lit room, Yuan Zhou did not have the heart to think about these things.

“Sigh.” Sitting on the only chair that wasn’t missing a leg, Yuan Zhou looked at the not-very-big house around him and released a sigh. His thoughts drifted.

This house was the only thing Yuan Zhou’s parents had left for him, apart from the fifty thousand dollars worth of funeral expenses.

The house was situated on a street selling a mishmash of things, its back facing an office building. The top floor was a cozy house for a family of three, and the bottom floor was home to a small noodle shop.

Ever since his parents died in a traffic accident three years ago, he had never visited the shop on the bottom floor again. Even when he entered and left the house, he usually used the backdoor.

Now, the house was filled with gritty dust and tables and chairs that had been shattered by accident. Chopsticks and bowls were scattered in a mess. The second floor was not much better. With the exception of the areas he frequently used, it remained the way it had been left three years ago.

He didn’t expect that there was actually someone who was willing to take him up on the advertisement he had posted two years ago.

Yuan Zhou stood up and scanned the area around him. A trace of helplessness and despair appeared on his mature face, as though he was committing this unkempt restaurant to memory.

However, this expression lasted for less than three seconds before he stepped on some unknown thing with a  *bang*. Yuan Zhou and the hard vase shared an intimate touch as clouds of dust flew into the air.

“Oww, my face.” Yuan Zhou clenched his teeth as he crawled up, while rubbing his left cheek that had hit the ground.

“Just you wait, tomorrow you’ll be someone else’s problem.” Yuan Zhou hurriedly stood up, his face didn’t hurt anymore.

He patted the dust off his clothes as he muttered at the house. He sighed in his heart and did not feel like saying anything more.

He crossed the disorderly living room and walked towards what had previously been the kitchen with familiar steps. There was a narrow space near the location of the backdoor, where there was a staircase that could just barely fit a single person comfortably.

Going along the staircase, Yuan Zhou was expressionless, while his hand rubbed the spot that he had hurt when he fell.

The stairs weren’t long, it was just about eight steps, so he got to the second floor in moments.

The lighting on the second floor was miles better than the first floor.

Near the stairs, there was a shoe cabinet. The milky white shoe cabinet was covered with dust. The first rack was filled by a pair of old leather shoes; on the second rack, there were several pairs of old-fashioned ladies shoes. The third rack was much better. There was a pair of snow-white running shoes and a pair of comfortable trendy sneakers.

Yuan Zhou couldn’t care less about the dust on the shoe cabinet, he directly took off his shoes, and stepped into the house barefooted.

The second floor wasn’t very big and was split into three rooms, two of them stood side by side, but didn’t feel congested, on the left was the white door, where the words ‘Good Fortune’ was hung, while on the right ‘Open The Door To Receive Happiness’. The only problem was they had lost color due to age. On the extreme right was a yellow wooden door.

*Ka cha* a piercing sound resounded.

He twisted open the door on his right with the words ‘Open The Door To Receive Happiness‘ pasted on it. Inside the room, even the floor was covered with dirty clothes. The cabinet near the top of the bed was half-open and the clothes inside were chaotically piled. On top of the cabinet, a black laptop was placed, its blinking light signified that there was activity.

Throughout the entire room, only the double bed was neat. The blankets had been folded neatly and the pillows had been tidily arranged.

Casting a look of disgust at the dust clinging to his body, Yuan Zhou grabbed a change of clothes from the cabinet and walked towards the yellow wooden door without even closing the door to the room.

He put on his clothes, washed his hands then washed his face. He looked at the mirror above the sink which reflected a mature face that appeared to be in its early thirties, a pair of deep mystifying eyes containing a sense of ripeness and calm, silently giving his ordinary features a few traces of fashionable “older men” style of handsomeness and attraction.

On Yuan Zhou’s hand, there were several indistinct scalding marks, and also cuts on his fingers. His fingers didn’t look pretty, but the muscles on his arm were, everything else about him was very ordinary.

Although he wanted to train his six-pack to chase girls, when he saw that his abdomen still looked the same after three months, he gave up.

After silently cleaning himself, he returned to his room just in time to hear his phone vibrate. He dried his hands and unlocked it to see a message from his boss, Boss Wang. There was only one line, “Yuan Zhou, I’ve already hired someone else. You don’t have to come from tomorrow onwards. Your salary will be transferred to your card in the middle of the month as per usual.”

He sighed in relief. Although it had been half a month since he resigned, the boss said that according to standard operating procedures, there needs to be a replacement before he could leave. Yuan Zhou had long wanted to leave that place that brought his heart grief, and take a stroll outside.

Taking a glance at the photo perched on the table, Yuan Zhou felt a little relaxed, however, he also felt a little worried once he thought of the visitor coming to see the house tomorrow.

His parents naturally held high hopes for this small shop, even saying that he could inherit this small shop if he didn’t have much success in the future. However, since his parents passed away, he never opened it once, and now he even wanted to lease it out, Yuan Zhou felt guilty inside, and extended his hand to move the photo slightly further away.

Lying on the bed and seeing the gradually darkening sky outside, he closed his eyes and emptied his mind, planning to go straight to sleep.

*Beep beep* sensing the host’s mind is stable, suited for connection, starting connection, connection established.”

An electronic noise suddenly sounded in his mind, Yuan Zhou opened his eyes, his face remained blank, but his eyes were filled with awe.

“System?” Yuan Zhou couldn’t help but say in a low voice.

“Host, I am present.” A strict and cold electronic voice resounded within Yuan Zhou’s mind.

“Huhh?” Now he was really stupefied.

“What is this shit?” Yuan Zhou began to survey everything in the house, hoping to find the source of the voice or perhaps something that might have changed in the house.

Naturally, apart from the remains of his lunch box that he had obediently tossed in the rubbish bin, there wasn’t anything new inside the house in the end.

“Host, there is no need to search. This system has been embedded in your brain…” The moment the electronic voice said the word “brain”, Yuan Zhou extended his hand and felt towards the back of his head with lightning fast speed in disbelief. He carefully pressed around the area for a few times before realising that there was nothing there, not even a bump.

The clear and lifeless electronic system continued, “To the naked eye, a microscope, or whatever method, nothing will be found. This system is the Culinary God System. The host has met the requirements, and the first mission will now begin.”

“Hold on, hold on, what system?” Yuan Zhuo asked, he sat back down onto his bed with a calm expression when he realized his search was fruitless.

“In order to avoid energy consumption, the Culinary God System will send the explanation of the text into the host’s mind. All that is needed is for the host to concentrate to see it.” The clear and lifeless electronic system completely vanished.

Explanation: The Culinary God System comes from a universe you do not know of, invented by the famous Dr. A, to help humans achieve higher levels of mental pleasures. After wandering to the Earth 2500 years ago, there have been 10 hosts, you are the 11th.

Objective: The Culinary God System will help you learn Chinese and Western cooking to become the world’s number one chef.

Host: Yuan Zhou (Ordinary human being of the Han race)

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Physical Strength: C (Reaction speed, power, coordination, sensitivity – total grade)

Culinary Talent: Unknown

Skills: None

Items: None

Five Factors of Culinary Skills: Newbie

(You are the newbie of the culinary world, in the two years you’ve spent studying in the culinary arts, have you mastered the Egg Fried Rice?)