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Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 1

Let’s try this out. Subject to be edited in the future if I feel like it. I’m a newbie translator, so pls be gentle.

Absurd Reality

This world is absurd.
I understood that.

No, I was made to understand… that now, abruptly.

Being an idiot, just how beloved she was… It’s only after losing her that I understood.
Whether I wept over or clung onto her, those eyelids would never open again.

“… Mother…”

Even knowing that, tears escape my eyes.
My body moves on its own as I draw near her side, wanting to embrace Mother.
Touching that cold body of Mother’s, I realize that this is no dream.

… My name is Mellice.
Mellice Lesse Anderson.
I am the only daughter of the House of the Marquess of Anderson.

A hero, Father is honored with territory by this country, the Kingdom of Tasmeria, as the current head of the House of the Marquess of Anderson.
Even Father, who is always laughing heartily, can now only be depressed.
My elder brother, too, is crying at her side.

“A son of the highly esteemed House of Anderson’s military man can’t cry over such a thing.”

Saying that, she would always give a loud pep talk; but Mother is no longer here.

… Since she is in a dream from which she can never wake again, that, too, is natural.
The sound of sobs can be heard coming from the surroundings as well.

She was a kind, beautiful mother.
An unusual noble, Mother was not well-known by stupid aristocrats, who could only chirp about foolish things.
Lending an ear to anyone’s words, she was like a person of bottomless kindness.

Despite that, why…

Why, if Mother can’t see with eyes like these…!

A complete reversal from sorrow, furious rage seizes my heart.
Biting my lip, I suppress the urge to scream. Inside my mouth, the taste of iron spreads.

“… Melly. Just now, did you give any thought to your mother?”

Father’s words called me back to reality.

Why… I wonder, how could Father see into my heart?
Although such a question floats in my head, something trivial like that is inconsequential now, and I can only become aware of Mother once more.

“… Mother…”

I haltingly murmured.
To my call, there is, of course, no answer.
Tears spill endlessly.

Quietly, I shut my eyes and prayed.
For mother to rest in peace.

Unexpectedly, when I open my eyes, Father’s figure is in view.
And then, at the same time, I notice it.
On the cheek of Father, who not even once showed us his tears, a drop of water trickled down.